Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The ClickBank Experiment

In my search on finding ways to make an income online, I  keep getting redirected to ClickBank. About a year or two ago, I came across the site and gave it a shot as an affiliate but I did not have any success. I believe that was due to my lack of patience and  frustration.Yesterday while checking my email, I got  a mail from ClickBank concerning their campaign to help one million people reach their financial goal on the Internet with the aid of a video series. So once again, I decided to give ClickBank a second chance, and this time I will be joining as an Affiliate and a Vendor.I am still working on what niche I would like to begin with as I am passionate about many things. So, as of today, I have officially accepted their challenge and will be at it wholeheartedly. I expect to see some kind of return at least six month after the official launch of my products, but I am still not expecting anything much as these things are very unpredictable. Wish me well.

Have you tried ClickBank as yet?

Are you currently a ClickBank affiliate or vendor and have actually had some kind of success?

Please Comment and let me know.